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What is Botsonic?

Botsonic is a product developed by Writesonic, a company founded by Samanyou Garg in October 2020. Writesonic specializes in creating AI tools for content creation.

Botsonic, their AI chatbot builder, simplifies the process of centralizing data on your website effortlessly, without the need for coding. With Botsonic, you can transform your knowledge base into a chat-ready format by training ChatGPT with your own data.

Data Source Support

Botsonic offers support for various data sources, including websites, PDF files, PowerPoint presentations (PPT), and Word documents (DOC). By accommodating these formats, Botsonic enables users to leverage their existing content and resources effectively, making it easier to train ChatGPT with relevant and tailored information. This diverse support for different data sources ensures flexibility and compatibility for users in integrating their data into the chatbot-building process.


Botsonic is offered as an add-on to Writesonic, meaning that to access Botsonic, you will need to subscribe to the Writesonic platform. For specific pricing details and subscription plans, it is recommended to visit the Writesonic website or reach out to their sales team. They will provide you with accurate and up-to-date information about the pricing structure and subscription options available.

Free Trial: free

Unlimited: $20/month (10 users)

Business: $19/month per user

Enterprise: Starts at $1000/month

Pros and Cons



Video Demo

Below is a quick demo video from the official site:

Final Words

It is advisable to review the specific features, limitations, and pricing details provided by Writesonic to make an informed decision based on your individual requirements and preferences.

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