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What is Chatbase

Chatbase was created by Yasser in January 2023. Initially developed as an AI chatbot builder for PDF documents, it later expanded its capabilities to offer users the ability to build AI chatbots builder for their websites. Through effective management and strategic efforts, Yasser successfully grew Chatbase's user base to thousands within just six months.

As Chatbase continues to evolve and adapt to the needs of its users, its impact on the chatbot landscape is poised to grow even further. With Yasser's vision and dedication, Chatbase has established itself as a reliable and user-friendly platform for creating AI chatbots, setting the stage for continued innovation and growth in the field of conversational AI.

Data Source Support

Let's delve into the data sources supported by Chatbase. In our context, data sources pertain to the methods by which the chatbot acquires training data. Currently, Chatbase offers support for website, .pdf, .txt, .doc, .docx formats, Moreover, you have the option to directly provide plain text as a data source.

The range of data sources supported by Chatbase, including website, .pdf, .txt, .doc, .docx formats, as well as the option to directly provide plain text, offers significant flexibility in gathering training data for the chatbot. This diverse support allows users to leverage their existing documents and resources effectively, making it easier to train the chatbot with relevant and tailored information.


Chatbase offers seamless native integrations with a range of popular business tools. Presently, it provides support for WordPress and Zapier, allowing for effortless connectivity and streamlined workflows.

Integration is crucial because it enables Chatbase to seamlessly connect and collaborate with existing business tools. By integrating with platforms like WordPress and Zapier, users can leverage the power of Chatbase alongside their preferred tools, enhancing productivity and efficiency. This integration ensures a cohesive and interconnected ecosystem, facilitating the seamless exchange of data and enabling users to make the most of Chatbase's capabilities within their existing workflow.

API Support

Chatbase provides an API that allows you to conveniently interact with your chatbots. The API documentation, available at, is comprehensive and well-structured.

The API is immensely useful as it grants users the flexibility to integrate Chatbase functionalities into their own applications or systems. By leveraging the API, developers can programmatically access and manipulate chatbot data, retrieve analytics, and perform various actions seamlessly. This capability enables customized interactions and integration of Chatbase features into existing workflows or applications. The solid API documentation further facilitates the smooth implementation and utilization of Chatbase's API, ensuring developers have the necessary resources to effectively leverage its power.


Chatbase offers a highly flexible pricing structure, allowing users to tailor their purchase according to their specific needs. You have the option to add messages as an add-on or even opt for the removal of the Chatbase logo by making a separate purchase.

They offer four different packages:

Hobby: $19/month

Growth: $49/month

Standard: $99/month

Unlimited: $399/month

In our opinion, the pricing of Chatbase is not only affordable but also offers a user-friendly starting point that allows for easy adoption. Additionally, as your needs evolve and expand, Chatbase provides the flexibility to scale up accordingly, ensuring that you can seamlessly accommodate your growing requirements.

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Video Demo

Below is a quick demo video from the official site:

Final Words

Overall, Chatbase boasts numerous advantages, including support for diverse data sources, solid integration capabilities, API support, and an affordable pricing model. However, the absence of dedicated business account options may limit its appeal for corporate users looking for specific management functionalities.

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