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What is ChatNode?

ChatNode, launched in May 2023, is an AI chatbot builder that utilizes ChatGPT for training and developing chatbots. Whether you want to integrate a chat widget on your website or deploy a public chatbot, ChatNode offers a versatile solution.

Data Source Support

ChatNode supports various data sources for training and integrating with chatbots. It can pull information from websites, documents, PDFs, and plain text files. This allows users to provide specific data sources for their chatbot to access and retrieve information from.


ChatNode seamlessly integrates with the popular team collaboration platform Slack, expanding its functionality and enhancing communication capabilities. By integrating ChatNode with Slack, users can leverage the power of their chatbots within their Slack workspaces.


ChatNode offers 5 pricing packages.

Free: $0/month

Basic: $18/month

Pro: $49/month

Enterprise: $99/month

Enterprise: $399/month

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Final Words

Overall, ChatNode is a valuable tool for chatbot development, catering to a wide range of usage needs and offering a free plan for testing.

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