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What is CustomGPT

CustomGPT is a powerful platform that was launched with its website in February 2023. It is specifically designed to empower businesses and individuals to leverage the capabilities of AI and ChatGPT to meet their unique content and requirements. CustomGPT achieves this through an intuitive no-code/low-code platform, making it accessible to users without extensive programming knowledge.

Data Source Support

CustomGPT sets itself apart by offering extensive support for over 1400 document formats. This includes a wide range of formats such as websites, notion documents, PDF files, Word documents, RTF files, CSV files, compressed ZIP archives, as well as audio and video files like MP3, MP4, and WAV. The list of supported formats goes even further, allowing users to easily incorporate and process various types of data.

With this comprehensive support for diverse document formats, CustomGPT enables users to extract valuable insights and information from their preferred sources. Whether it's analyzing web content, processing structured data, or working with multimedia files, CustomGPT ensures compatibility and flexibility to suit a wide range of data sources.

API Support

CustomGPT offers an API with comprehensive and user-friendly documentation available at This API documentation provides developers with the necessary information and resources to seamlessly integrate CustomGPT into their applications and workflows.


CustomGPT provides users with three pricing packages to choose from, as well as the option for an enterprise plan tailored to specific requirements. Let's explore the available pricing options:

Basic: $49/month

Standard: $99/month

Premium: $499/month

Enterprise: Custom Pricing

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Final Words

In conclusion, CustomGPT presents a compelling solution for businesses and individuals seeking to leverage AI and ChatGPT. With its comprehensive data source support, API integration, and intuitive platform, CustomGPT empowers users to unlock the potential of AI-driven conversational experiences, making it a valuable tool for content generation, customer support, and more.

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