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What is SiteGPT

SiteGPT was launched in March 2023. It was created by Bhanu Teja, an indie maker with a passion for building SaaS businesses. Remarkably, SiteGPT achieved a monthly recurring revenue (MRR) of $10k within just one month of its launch.

Data Source Support

Let's explore the data sources supported by SiteGPT. In our context, data sources refer to the methods through which the chatbot obtains training data. Currently, SiteGPT offers support for website, .pdf, .txt, and .csv formats.

API Support

SiteGPT provides an API that offers convenient interaction capabilities with your chatbots.

By leveraging the API, developers can programmatically access and control the functionalities of their chatbots, enabling customized interactions and integration into existing systems. Whether you want to integrate chatbots into your website, mobile app, or other platforms, the SiteGPT API empowers you with the flexibility and control needed to create dynamic and engaging conversational experiences for your users.


At present, SiteGPT offers four distinct pricing tiers, one of which is the Elite tier. The Elite tier provides users with a customized white label solution, allowing them to personalize the platform according to their specific branding requirements.

Essential: $19/month

Growth: $49/month

Pro: $99/month

Elite: $999/month

In our opinion, to remove the "Powered by SiteGPT" branding, a fee of $999 is required, which might be considered relatively expensive. On the other hand, the remaining pricing tiers appear to be quite affordable.

Pros and Cons



Video Demo

Below is a quick demo video from the official site:

Final Words

SiteGPT presents a compelling option for those seeking a versatile chatbot building tool. Its extensive customization capabilities and support for diverse data sources make it a flexible choice for developing conversational AI solutions. Consider the pros and cons in relation to your specific use case to determine if SiteGPT aligns with your requirements and provides the functionalities necessary to meet your goals.

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